[43] Anita Baker – Rapture

31 Jan

I can imagine hearing these beautifully crafted songs at a high end cabaret venue like the Carlyle or Metropolitan Room.  Classy arrangements and good musicianship, coupled with Baker’s emphatic and rangy delivery, make for a delightful listening experience.













It helps that I remember the opening track fondly – I can’t tell you concretely when or where I have heard “Sweet Love” but I surely have many times – and enjoy it every time it plays.

The whole reminds me of early Whitney Houston records, before everyone began to misuse the word “Diva” and she tried to cram too much into every phrase.  That Baker can sing (as Houston surely could) shines through loud and clear, and the occasional bout of vocal acrobatics is all the more special in light of all the many times when she lets a note just stand on its own, rather than riffing all around it.

Some might call it overproduced, but I find the perfectly polished layers of sound comforting – it is one I know well from the 80s – and the warmth flowing through every instrument, from the vocals to keyboards to sax, is hugely appropriate to the songs on display here.

There really was much more sax to be heard in the mainstream during the 80s than there is today, and I think pop music is worse off for its lack.

There are jazz like vocal scats as well as fun stop time passages in tracks like “Been So Long” which display thoughtful craftsmanship and are a joy to hear.  But as a whole these are understated and subtle vocals appropriately blended into the mix.

This is late night driving music, these are winding down at the end of a long day sounds.  I’m glad Tom Moon included Anita Baker on the list and inspired me to do just that.

Owned before blogging? No. (2 of 43. 5%)
Heard before blogging? No. (4 of 43. 9%)
Recommend? Yes. (35 of 43. 81%)

Next week: Chet Baker – Let’s Get Lost


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