[66] The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

11 Jul

I have nothing to add to the millions (billions?) of words that have been written about this album. If you’ve somehow never heard it before, go listen now.

If you have heard it before, go listen again.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band











If I’d truly nothing to add, this would be the shortest post to date, so what I can share is a series of memories I associate with this towering recording.

For instance, this is the album I have purchased the most times in my life, for the simple reason that it is the one that has been most often lent and not returned, or simply stolen from me.

It is an album I once fell asleep listening to, back when I regularly used to fall asleep to music. 

The *click* of the tape ending rarely bothered me at all, but as a teenager recovering from a fever, I was completely under by the end of “A Day In The Life”.

If you know the song, you know what happened next.

After the tape wound on in silence for another 40 or so seconds, suddenly I was wide awake, heart pounding, unsure where or who I was, tangled in my sweat-soaked sheets as John’s urgent, random, terrifying vocal cut the night.


There were plenty of tapes I used to fall asleep to, before and after this particular night, but I never again fell asleep to Sgt. Pepper . . .

I remember sitting for days on end at the dinner table with a book of Lennon / McCartney lyrics – listening and learning, memorizing and marveling at the poetry created by such simple words.

I remember belting “Getting Better” at the top of my lungs while writing a History paper (and thinking that my History teachers were actually pretty cool.)

By the way, I can still sing and write at the same time, if the album is familiar enough . . .

Then there was the 8 hours or so I spent sitting on an airplane, flying from California back to England, leaving behind my first love and listening to a mixtape she had made for me.

I had finally stopped sobbing (after several miniatures of wine served by a sympathetic stewardess) at the moment that “When I’m Sixty-Four” came over the headphones of my Walkman.

Amongst a slew of music I that was mostly new to me I heard – perhaps for the first time – the meaning behind these ubiquitous lyrics, and I cried the rest of the way home (or at least until I drank enough wine to fall asleep).

On a happier note, I was once challenged to sing the same song backwards – and I did it!

Now from years many / Hair my losing / Older get I when.

High School music class again, and we’re dissecting “She’s Leaving Home”, once more discussing key changes, instrumentation, intervals.  As I recall, I didn’t do too well in that assignment, caught up as I was in the poignant lyrics.

And much more recently, my wife waking our daughter up by singing “Good Morning”, which is how her father used to wake her . . .

I’m sure everyone of my age – not to mention our parents’ generation – also has a hundred of these stories, memories of a soundtrack to a day in every life.

These are just a few of mine.

Next Week: The Beatles – The Beatles

Owned before blogging? Yes. (7 of 66 = 11%)
Heard before blogging? Yes. (9 of 66 = 14%)
Recommend? Yes. (53 of 66 = 80%)

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