Guest Blogger Todd Michael Rogers: Benedictine Monks of St. Maurice and St. Maur – Salve Regina

17 Nov

I have met some fascinating, brave and talented people over the internet.
Todd is more all of the above than most.


There is honesty in truth.

The song skips as the computer bogs.

Lyrics can change.

Shapes melt over time.

reverb against stone. honest words and echoes.


change is inevitable.

repetition is remembrance is forget

cry out until others join


a crash of waves

maps are made by man

true shapes cannot be understood

amen. hallelujah.


ageless voice
cassette warble.
this song is only three minutes old.
echoes are new to those who just hear them.

it ain’t so bad.


\ˌa-do-ˈro Tə\

To sit in the middle of a garden of rocks, before the sun rises, waiting for them to hatch.



These works have been sung since 1218, traditionally as the last song of the day, and share a title with the last prayer of the rosary. They were composed in the middle ages by a crippled monk named Hermann, who was left at age seven to rot in a monastery. The last of his shapes remain in Germany, held tight after his death and kept safe from decomposition as the world changed around them for seven hundred years. The songs force an honesty on the listener. Music is just shapes of waves, changing.


There are eleven short hymnal tracks after the first five movements. The last dying prayers before the end. Change is inevitable, the record will end and the shape of what the songs meant will change as I walk away from them.

I choose to walk away now, halfway through the recordings. Not a popular choice for a reviewer, but the songs now mean something to me. I am afraid anything else might change them again. If I still believe they are treasures and not stones, I will keep them longer.

I don’t think I would have chosen to end it like this, I think the record had an effect on me.

Shapes change in the light, truth can be seen with honesty. With truth comes change.

Do give it a listen.


Todd Michael Rogers is an American game designer.  He is the creator of Spell Saga, as well as a founding member of French Toast Gaming Co.

A former sketch comic turned aspiring novelist, Todd has been designing games since he was six years old.  He is married to a poet named Meagen Crawford. They live in Nashville with a dog named Ellie.

Spell Saga is a tabletop novel – a solo cardgame combining the best parts of your favorite novel and that video game you almost completed – and is available to preorder along with all kinds of extra content here.

One Response to “Guest Blogger Todd Michael Rogers: Benedictine Monks of St. Maurice and St. Maur – Salve Regina”

  1. doronklemer November 17, 2014 at 11:04 AM #

    Love it!…

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