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[23] Marian Anderson – Spirituals

13 Sep

Of the four recordings I have failed to recommend to date, one was Classical, another Gospel. So it is with some trepidation that I start my exploration of Marian Anderson’s entry into the 1,000 since Moon lists it as both . . .













Anderson’s instrument is undeniable, powerful and evocative and always fully under control. It is a clean and beautiful sound, technically perfect.

And many of the compositions are beyond familiar, childrens’ sing-alongs and schoolboy choir standards.

I fear I’m going to get a reputation, but for me the combination is almost unlistenable.

It is the worst of both worlds. The material simply isn’t interesting or complex enough to justify this extrodinary voice, and that voice is too old fashioned, too clipped and polished for the simple work songs.

I recognize the historical and socialogical importance of Anderson but out of context, in a purely musical setting, there is nothing here that excites me, that makes me want to keep listening.

This is the first time in the months of exploring these new and for the most part fascinating recordings that it is truly a struggle to get through the first listen. I would love to hear to her perform a genuinely Classical piece – or perhaps one of her performances at the Met Opera – but here is one recording I doubt I will ever listen to again after publishing this post.

I’m going to get a reputation.

Owned before blogging? No. (1 of 23. 4%)
Heard before blogging? No. (3 of 23. 13%)
Recommend? No. (18 of 23. 78%)

Next week: The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun


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